Continuing Education 

Go Pro Real Estate Academy LP is your one-stop-shop for continuing education. 


  • Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package: Mastering Your Career
  • Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package: Green Topics
  • Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package: Real Estate Valuation Topics
  • Georgia 36-Hour Complete CE Package: Commercial Real Estate Topics


  • Understanding Closing Statements


  • Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis
  • Commercial Leases
  • Commercial Sales and Exchanges
  • Green Home Construction
  • Licensees as Principal
  • Management in a Brokerage Office
  • Methods of Residential Finance
  •  Pricing Property to Sell
  • Property Valuation: Income Capitalization Overview
  • Property Valuation: Cost Approach Overview
  • Property Valuation: Sales Comparison Approach
  • Structuring Ownership in Commercial Real Estate
  • Tax Advantages of Home Ownership
  • Writing Contracts


  • ADA and Fair Housing
  • Check it Out: Home Inspection in Real Estate Practice
  • Environmental Hazards Disclosure
  • Ethics in Real Estate
  • Federal Law and Commercial Real Estate
  • Georgia Real Estate License Law Core Course
  • Green Home Features
  • Prequalifying Your Buyer in Todays Market
  • Short Sales and Foreclosures
  • Tax Free Exchanges
  • Using the Internet in Your Real Estate Practice: An Introduction