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It’s that time again – Back to School! And as always, it feels as though the school year is starting earlier and earlier. In fact, some counties start as early as Wednesday, August 1st and all Metro Atlanta schools will be back in session by Monday, August 6th.

If you’re a parent that means you need to gear up for school lunches, early morning drop-offs, and afternoon carpool. And if you’re kid-free, it’s time to plan for longer morning commute times and an earlier afternoon rush-hour. To help you prepare for your new routine, we’ve included the start dates for local Atlanta schools as well as links to the school calendars. (To view the entire school calendar, click on the district’s name)

Cobb County: Wednesday, August 1st

City of Atlanta: Wednesday, August 1st

City of Decatur: Wednesday, August 1st

City of Marietta: Thursday, August 2nd

Forsyth County: Thursday, August 2nd

Clayton County: Monday, August 6th

Dekalb County: Monday, August 6th

Fulton County: Monday, August 6th

Gwinnett County: Monday, August 6th

And in other school news, just released their school rankings based on the 2017/2018 school year. View your school’s ranking here.