The Lollipop Heart Flowers featured on One Little Project are the perfect combination of sweet and simple. Best of all, the three supplies needed (lollipops, construction paper, and tape) are items you may already have in your house now!

  1. Your child will love handing out these Ring-Pop Valentines no matter what their age. The colorful tags can be printed at home using the free-image provided on Bloom Design Online, or you can have your child create their own tags with markers and crayons.

  2. The Watercolor Valentines showcased on Smart School House are a colorful way to incorporate art into your valentines. And don’t forget to check your local dollar store as they often carry these in the school supply section.

  3. Turn a simple piece of paper into a festive Paper Airplane Valentine using this tutorial on Just remind your kids to save the flying of the airplanes until after class.

  4. The Color My World Crayon Boxes shown on Crazy Little Projects is perfect for younger students. Again, be sure to stop by the dollar store to purchase your needed supplies.

  5. And if you really want to keep it simple, check out the dollar spot at Target. From stickers to stationary and other holiday-themed trinkets, Target offers a ton of fun, cute and inexpensive options for pre-made valentines.